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Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
Intro: Am - Em/G - F - E - Am - Em/G - F - Esus4 - E
        Am               Em/G             F                    E           Am            Em/G          F - E
The night is so wild____, and downstairs the child is sleeping, her spirit is free,
        Am                    Em/G               F                   E                     
For more than an hour____, I have walked in the rain,
                Am          Em/G                 F
I've been wondering what she will be,
       Dm                              Bb     
But where are the heroes, where are the dreams
                Am                              D
That I had___, when I was young,
          F                                C
Am I hoping in vain, just to think
                                   Esus4 - E
She could change anything?
                                   Am - Em/G
Well I'm counting on you,
F      E               Am          Em/G            F                 E
I'm counting on you to bring___ that sweet gentleness
              Am          Em/G                    F - E
To your world and all___ that you do,
Am        Em/G       Dm       E
My generation is losing its way
                Am                       Em/G         F
We don't know, what we're leaving for you,
     Dm                                    Bb        
So may there be millions who feel like you do
           Am - Em/G - F
Oh my love...
                    C - G              F
There is so much__ to know,
                   C - G          F
There is so far____ to go,
                   C - G          F
But you are not___ alone,
                   C/G     G
When this is your world,
              E7b9          Am - Em/G - F - Esus4 - E
And I'm counting on you;
Come to me, turn to me, give me your eyes
When you see the mysteries of time,
Here there are those who just live in the past
They will never let history lie,
And this sad little island is breaking my heart
With its dark shades of green,
And as hard as I try, I just cannot see why this should be...
I'm counting on you,
There is so much to know,
There is so far to go,
But you are not alone,
When this is your world,
                                 C - G - F    
And I'm counting on you,
                         C - G - F
I'm counting on you,
     C/G - G - E7b9 - Am
Oh ----------------------

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