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Concert review: Harewood House concert 30th August 1998

What was good :

It was a CdeB concert !

It was a UK bank holiday weekend and it didn't rain!

I finally met ( briefly ) the Doohan, the Lady Jay, Steve Bourike and

others who's names I've forgotten - I'm very sorry :-( - hope to meet

you all again for a longer time :-) I was the fat balding person with

glasses and an over-bushy red beard !

Steve and Jay ( and the others ) seemed to be doing very well at

collecting for the Child charity ( the other charity for the night was

something called Crocus but I'm not sure what it was about )

CdeB was in good spirits and happy with the Formula 1 results for

Eddie Jordan and with the Liverpool soccer result :-( Several comments

about Harewood House having de Burgh connections and the audience

being the recovery army!

The CdeB list gang were front row - I was 3-5 rows back in front of

the speaker stack.

Plenty of friendly people - the mother and daughter next to me were

from Liverpool and hadn't heard about the Liverpool concert. ( which

is why I came back to Dave and co at the interval to try and find out

something about the Liverpool concert for them ! The daughter is

getting married in 4 weeks but couldn't get a mention ) The ladies

next to them I'd seen before at Alton Towers and Tatton Park

Especially good renditions of Spaceman (I'm biased ! ), Revolution,

Brother John ( OK I DO dislike the song but it was a good footstamping

version ), Snows of New York and Ferryman

The Karaoke slot was done by a man from Lincolnshire called Alan James

who had sent a tape in to CdeB. For most of the song he sounded

uncannily like CdeB - and CdeB made a joke about Alan being his

pension fund :-) Alan was excellent ! I though I heard that Alan

was planning to do the same for CdeB as say the Bootleg Beatles or

Bjorn Again :-)

It was a CdeB concert !

What was not so good :

My wife couldn't make it - stomach bug

The AA road signs from Leeds were fine UNTIL a sign saying Concert

Traffic left turn by a locked gate...the traffic jam went on for a few

miles before the error was realised but it meant cars that got there

before 4 were delayed getting into the car park/field

A security "person" who told anyone with an SLR camera that they would

not be allowed to use it. This was while I'm trying to put money in

the collecting bucket !!!

The same security "person" who kept telling people to sit down - he

stopped only after one lady lost her temper and said exactly what she

thought about trestle tables and high-backed chaise blocking the view

for everyone!

The exit route from the car park was as bad as usual but even less

well lit than previous concerts

2 chemical toilets for how many thousand people ?????


Polo shirt

Baseball caps

White T-shirt XL only

Black T-shirt different design ( L or XL )

No brochures

T-shirts were 12 pounds sterling!

What was played :

Carry On ( CdeB on piano )

Here is your paradise ( CdeB on piano )

In a country churchyard ( CdeB on guitar )

Transmission Ends ( CdeB on guitar )

Head and the Heart ( CdeB on piano )

Separate Tables ( Audience request - CdeB on piano )

Moonlight and Vodka ( with a shortened version of the Yeltsin anecdote

- don't ask please :-) )

Danny Boy ( Voice only )

Borderline ( CdeB on piano )

Spanish Train ( CdeB on guitar )

I'm not scared anymore

Karaoke bit - Missing You

A Spaceman came travelling

( Band joins him on stage )

Always on my mind ( after bits of Heartbreak Hotel and In the Ghetto)

Lonely Sky

Sailing Away

Loves got a hold on me

Oh my brave hearts

Brother John ( including a verse from House of the Rising Sun ! )

Hotel California ( about here one generator failed )

( after the interval the Orchestra and choir came on )

Missing You

Carry me like a fire in your heart

So beautiful

( Peter Oxendale then played sections of the Blue Danube and Für Elise

badly for laughs )

( CdeB sang the opening line from When a man loves a woman then

did a chorus with the audience of Day-o )

Lady in Red

It's Me and I'm ready to go

Revolution trilogy with firework rockets !

One more mile to go

( Orchestra, Choir and Band introduced here )

Snows of New York

Don't pay the Ferryman

First encore

Say goodbye to it all

High on emotion

Second encore

Patricia the Stripper

Where Peaceful waters flow


At this point I left - after the Alton Towers queue for the exit I

have avoided the very end where possible - life is too short for 3

hour traffic jams to get out of a car park

The band were :

Neil Taylor - Guitar

Alan Vosper - Guitar

David Levy - Bass Guitar

Tony Kiley - Drums

Peter Oxendale - keyboards

As always an excellent to catch a few hours sleep before

going to the Eyam Wells Dressings ( its a Derbyshire custom ) later

this morning - I don't need my voice for that 'cos it a teeny bit

hoarse at the moment.