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Concert review: 30th October, 1998 (Pretoria, Carousel)

On Friday morning early, my friend (Andries) and I decide to take

a drive to the Carousel (about 59km.) from my house. We had a nice

breakfast there and then took a walk to the tent. Yes, Chris

admitted that this "tent is really strange". We then went gambling

and I won R50 by playing R10. I think that is not bad. We also

went to play on the kiddy stuff, the motorbikes, racing cars,

Andries won me twice. We also had fun hitting clowns and won a

fridge magnet. After lunch and no glimpse of Chris (He said "I was

working hard preparing for the show next to the pool today") we went

home to fetch my other friend, Pricilla.

Arriving back the three of us went to play on the kiddy stuff,

hitting clowns and throwing dogs with balls. This time we won ten

erasures. The gambling after that was not very exciting, but the

supper was great. Arriving at the tent Andries and I each bought a T-

shirt, nice black ones. Our seats were next to the soundboard (not

sure what it is called). Pricilla had a seat two rows back, they

were in the middle- slap bang. They were to my amazement selling

alcohol and of course people were stuck on the highway so the show

started 30min. later. By that time people were pretty drunk.

Chris appeared from the darkness, guitar in hand and started his

show, gosh don't ask me which song. The crowd cheered, drunk and

all. We started clapping and singing by the third song. This man is

a true performer, he told us some good below the belt jokes. Then

after an hour he called Peter and Neil (blondy) on the stage. Wow

can blondy play guitar, my goodness. The rest of the band, Danny,

Tony, and Al arrived later. By this time the crowd were on their

drunken feet, Pricilla joined us in our row. During the band break

Chris and Peter were joking with each other and Peter played two

classical pieces where-upon which Chris booed him out. He sang the

Spanish Train and incorporated Hotel California, Sweet Liberty, You

are always on my mind amongst his own songs. He played a game with us

with Brother John where we had to sing "sweet temptation" it was fun.

I lost my voice and had a hangover the next morning, this man put me

to shame. He has much more energy than me. He then left the stage

after three hours and we yelled, screamed "we want more". So he

appeared again singing High on Emotion, Patricia the Stripper and the

Snows of New York, then went off stage, we yelled for more. He

joined us with Hey Jude and a La, La, La song.

The security guards then took him away....... He sang my favourite

Its Me, I am thrilled. I must say the sound guy had a couple of

panic attacks next to me as I think I sang louder than Chris. He

joked with our mobile phones and yes, Bill Clinton.

Oh it was great. We went home and stopped on the highway (at a

Petroport) for coffee and then off to bed.

Next morning I woke up much too early for my liking, made Andries and

me some tea. He then decided to get breakfast somewhere, hand his

film in which came out blank, oops. Mine is still in my camera.

Then out of the blue he said "lets go to Sun City". Fed the dog and

cat and off we went. Arriving there we went to Computicket to check

out Chris's popularity and see if there is any tickets left.....