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Concert review: 31th October, 1998 (Sun city)

We were queuing......counting our cents like two poor students. The

tickets sell for R 120 -180. We were still deciding in the queue when

a voice from behind said "Are you booking for the Chris de Burgh

concert". I swung round and said, yes, but only if the tickets are 1

tenth of the prize. A lot of people were selling their tickets. He

replied "my friends stood me up, they are for free". Don't know

about you people, but I have never even won a lucky packet. Andries

took the tickets and looked on the map where we will be sitting.

Gosh 4th row from the front. These people never pitched, I can't

thank him enough. I am quite religious and think that this just had

to be, so we pitched...

The concert was very similar, some people did not like the idea of me

wearing my short jean shorts in the Superbowl, but really I did not

plan on going. The Superbowl was packed, except for one seat next to

me. The crowd was not eager to get up, poor Chris tried everything,

until four ladies decided to go and dance in the front. The girl

doing the Karaoke was the same one (don't know why...should we

guess?) as at the Carousel the previous night singing LIR. Well when

Chris sang it, one of the dancing ladies joined him on stage. He

escorted her off after 5 min. she was really smooching with him. He

did the same songs and on purpose did some songs only halfway saying

"my memory, at 50 you can't remember everything, come back tomorrow

for the rest". Andries and I took this very literally. He often

referred to things said about him in the newspapers and of course we

know as we are following his career. He looked stunning so close by,

lost lots of weight all dressed in black. He literally jumped with

joy when most off us were dancing and singing along, some people next

to us left and we moved over to the centre of the row, the man is

gorgeous!!. The sound was excellent, we took pictures, again they

did not develop, I feel like strangling Andries and throwing his

camera in the trash. He mentioned that the Variety Club was launched

that day. Did I mention, no I forgot. Little Michael had his 8th

birthday on the 30 of October and he sang Borderline for him. Anyway

back to the variety club... he donated the royalties of his Live in

South Africa album for the next five years to this in South Africa. I

found some of those CD's in Pretoria still. Oh, the band is called

the fun machine, I wonder is it coincidence that two guys are Danny

and Al, strange.....remember Danny McBride and Al Marnie. The

concert started at 9:15 and ended just after 12:00. We got home at


The song Danny Boy was done without any instruments, unaccompanied, my

goodness this man has a VOICE. His version of Hotel California is

great. You should here him imitate Elvis before singing You are

always on my mind, he does this song justice. He is the greatest, he

performs, jokes, sings and is so gentle.