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Chris de Burgh - A brief Biography

Christopher John Davison was born in Venado Tuerto, (Las Magnolias), Argentina, 
on 15th October 1948 - nineteen months after the birth of his brother Richard.
The son of a British diplomat (Charles Davison) and an Irish secretary (Maeve Davison) 
grew up in Malta, Nigeria and Zaire.
When he was twelve his family settled in Tomhaggard, Co. Wexford, Ireland where his 
parents bought a tremendous castle (Bargy Castle) which was built in the 12th century.
Bargy Castle was converted into a hotel where Chris did his first "performances" - 
for the guests, when they sat down to dinner in the evenings.
Chris was educated at Marlborough College, England, and graduated at the famous 
Trinity College, Dublin, with a degree in English, French and History.
During the time at University Chris played his songs in Dublin hairdresser's and 
hamburger restaurants (for 2 Dollars a night, a hamburger and "as much wine as he could drink").
In 1974 Chris finally got a recording contract with A & M records.
The debut album "Far Beyond These Castle Walls" was released in 1975. 
To everyone's surprise the single "Turning Round" (renamed "Flying") went to No. 1 in Brazil - 
it had sold over 500.000 copies!
The road to success all over the world was extremely hard for Chris. It took the 
singer/songwriter about 10 years (which included some humiliating experiences) to become 
a world - wide star as he is today.
Chris de Burgh's most famous songs "Don't Pay The Ferryman" (1982), "High On Emotion" (1984) 
and especially the ever-green "Lady In Red" (1986) are products of a wearisome process which 
required an admiring endurance.
"Chris de Burgh's career has blossomed, but has yet, not reached its full potential..."


For further, detailed information please read:

Dave Thompson: From A Spark To A Flame - The Chris De Burgh Story UK OP 43892 or

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Tony Clayton - Lea: Chris de Burgh - The Authorized Biography ISBN 0 - 283 - 06236 - 3

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