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Broken Wings
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
Intro: E - F#m - E/G# - A - E - F#m7/B - E - Esus
            E          F#m          E/G#            A
These broken wings can take me no further
        E            B  A      E     Esus
Im lost, and out at sea,
      E                  F#m          E/G#              A
I thought these wings would hold me forever
          E     B    A G#
And on to eternity,
A           E/G#          A                  E
And far away I can hear your voice,
          A                  E/G#              Bsus
I can hear it in the silence of the morning,
  B              E          F#m          E/G#     A
But these broken wings have let me down
E/G# F#m          F#m7/B      E   Esus - E - Esus
They cant even carry me home.
In broken dreams that keep me from sleeping
I remember all the things I said,
Well Ive broken all the promises
I said I would be keeping,
Theyre gone, like leaves they fell,
For its so hard when youre far away,
All I needed was a shoulder I could cry on,
Now these broken dreams have woken me,
My love, will you carry me home.
E  Esus            B
    Or will you treat me like some traveller
               A          E/G#           E
    On a dark and lonely road,
        F#m         E/G#     A                      E/G#      F#m7   B
Who sees a light and a woman who will give him love,
              E                                          F#m
Oh and just when she reaches the part
                                        E/G#                      A
When shes supposed to comfort his broken heart
                  E             F#m                         B   A -  E/G# - F#m
She turns away, and sends him travelling on, on.
Oh when I left I believed that nothing would go wrong
I thought the whole world would be waiting for my story,
Take me back, my love, I need you now,
Come back and carry me home,
E                              D              C#m             A
Take me back and heal these broken wings,
            F#m        F#m7/B     E  F#m  E/G#   A - E - B - A - E
Come back and carry me home.

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