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Concert Review: Bonn 26th July, 1998

Hey all!

Well, after all that's said and done already, I still have this need inside

of me to share my experiences with you. So much has happened in so little

time. It's hard to believe that it's only one week that I returned home

>from a wonderful and impressive holiday in The Gambia. I am still trying to

find the right words to express my feelings about that holiday. And since

then even more has happened. It's almost too much to handle for one single


Thursday my ever so dear friend Meg arrived in Holland. We had built a

wonderful online friendship already, but now it appeared we really clicked.

This is the kind of friendship you find once in a lifetime, if you are

lucky to find it anyway. Thanks for being my friend, Meg ((-:

On Saturday we took the train to Bocholt to join Astrid and Lourdes. It was

great to finally get to meet Lourdes in real life and it also was wonderful

to see Astrid and Thomas again. Astrid and Thomas are such good hosts and

they took real good care of us. We had a blast, listening to/watching

Chris, singing along with his songs, and having a lot of fun joking about

peanuts and other stuff. *grin* We laughed so much, my belly still hurts,

but it feels so good. (-:

And then it was Sunday, the Big Day and we took off to Bonn. First to the

youth hostel to check in and wait for Hiltrud, Sabine and Henoch. Wow, what

a great feeling to 'recognize' each other and finally get to meet in


Off to the place to be, where we met all the rest of the gang. Oh, there

are just no words to describe the feelings. It felt so good to gather. We

were just like one big family. Ché took his guitar and sang songs and we

sang along with him. We were meeting, making/re-newing contacts, etc. And

we were just so happy together. After a drink and a meal we went to the

backstage door and waited for the moment they'd let us inside. Ché had the

brilliant idea to let us all speak a message on tape for Chris and give it

to him and so we did. Finally there was this silver grey Mercedes bringing

Chris to the backstage entrance and we were like kids so happy and excited.

Shortly afterwards we were allowed to come inside and we met The Maestro in

person. Chris seemed really impressed and he suggested we'd all introduce

ourselves. To each one of us he had a kind word and he really seemed to

regret it that he couldn't find more time to spend with us. Astrid handed

Chris the song she and Darryll wrote. It's a great song and I hope Chris

will take the time to look at it and perhaps one day perform it. (-:

After the group picture we joined the crowd that already was waiting in

front of the stage. That is where we met Fiona. Awwww, so sad she couldn't

be present at the backstage meeting. But boy! are we happy that she finally

made it to be present at the concert!!!! And what a nice and warm gesture

of Lourdes to give an autograph of hers to Fiona! ((-:

About the concert itself I just wanna say that it was definitely the best

one I ever saw. Chris was superb and so was the band! There was this

interaction between the audience and Chris and the band. At a certain

moment Chris mentioned he had never before felt so much love coming from an

audience as now. And at the end he said that this definitely was his best

concert ever. And he was *very* serious! The only pity is that this concert

isn't recorded. Chris was looking in our direction more than just once. He

was very much aware of our presence. As a group we were just a strong

unity. And to me if felt very very special to be a part of it. We were

jumping and dancing and singing along. I never behaved like that at a

concert before. It felt so save to just let go and show your emotions. Some

of us had to cry for various reasons during some songs. I couldn't hold my

tears during Carry me like a fire in your heart. But none of us had to hold

the tears. Each time someone of the gang was there to give comfort. I can

honestly say that never before in my entire life I have felt so much love

coming my way. Also I never did so much hugging before. But it feels so

good! ((-:

It was so amazing that somehow we all managed to find each other in the

crowd and could enjoy the concert together, as a group. At the end of the

concert (yes, also good things end) we gathered and sang "Snows of New

York" and it sounded lovely. A Dutch lady came to me. She was at the

concert with her daughters. She had been backstage with us and she came to

thank me (because she only spoke Dutch). She told me how impressed she was.

She had been watching us as a group and she had noticed the interaction

between us and Chris & his band. She said she could feel the love coming

>from us and going to the stage. Well, she never had much feelings about

computers and the Internet, but now she had definitely changed her mind.

She was really very much impressed about all she had seen.

We went to a pub and had more fun together, on our way to the pub, in the

subway, we sang along all kind of C de B songs and so we did in the pub. At a

certain moment Ché sang a song he had written for Chris, to say "Thank You"

to him. It was such a wonderful song, but it also was so great to be

present with his performing. For Ché told us he had never sung it before in

public, not even for his own brother. That is another example of the great

things that can happen if one feels safe in his 'family'. Finally we had to

say goodbye to most of the gang and we were left behind as a group of 10

people, who spent the night at the youth hostel. We had some good moments

together before we finally went off to bed. The next morning we still

didn't fully realise all that had happened. When sitting together before

splitting up, one of us said that it was a pity it was all over. But I

don't agree here. I'd say that this was the beginning of something new.

Something wonderful and something big was started that Sunday night. I

still don't know what it is, but time will tell, I'm sure.

Well, I could go on for hours. there is still so much that hasn't been

told. Our visit to Rees, our stop in Cologne, our visit to the beach in

Hoek van Holland. But I don't wanna annoy you. ((-:

I regret it very much that Dresden is too far to travel to for most of us.

Those who will be there: have a great time!

Those who are going (again) to Halle next Friday: I hope the concert will

be as least as good as the Bonn one, but I doubt if that ever can be

possible. Sure enough you're gonna have some nice meetings anyway. ((-:

And to all of you who were there with me, last Sunday at the Bonn Concert:

Thanks so much for sharing so much love and friendship with me, for making

so many special memories. This was a day to remember.

~Love and (more *g*) hugs~

Annelies ((-:

(who is still high on emotion)