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Concert review: 9th November, 1999, Westfalenhalle, Dortmund,Germany
Wow, what a concert, what an atmosphere!!! I am almost lacking the words
to describe the magic of last night
The atmosphere already before the concert was incredible. There were far
more people there than in Oberhausen. When the gates opened, we
practically got pushed inside, and people ran like crazy to make it to
the front row. We made it to row four or so, and that was still good
enough. :)
The Westfalenhalle used to be Europe's biggest concert hall, now there
are others that are bigger, especially the Kölnarena where Chris will
play next week. But the Westfalenhalle has always been Chris's favourite
concert hall in all of Europe. He has celebrated big, incredible parties
there, I remember the time when he sold it out three days in a row
during the Into The Light tour. Yesterday, we could tell that it has
been his dream for a long time to repeat this success of earlier days in
the Westfalenhalle for one special night. And we made his dream come
true, as he repeatedly said
at the end of his three hours show. The hall wasn't quite sold out, but
it was VERY full if you look at the standard of recent concerts. I would
guess that there were around 10,000 people there last night.
What also struck me as surprising was the amount of young people who
were there. There was a young couple standing right in front of me, I
would guess no older than 20 or 21 years. They were celebrating like
everybody else, they knew all the words, everybody was jumping with the
fast songs and burning sparklers with the slow ones, I just thought wow,
this is like it used to be in those old days.... :)))))
Chris was quite talkative, he extended some of his stories from
Oberhausen a bit. During the intro to "My lover is", somebody threw a
little stuffed sheep on stage. Chris said "oh, look, a flying penguin!",
then Alan (the guitarist) picked it up, Chris saw what it was and gave
it to Tony (the drummer). "That would be for him, as you know, he comes
>from a farm in Wales, where they have all these sheep. Baaaahhhhhhh!"
Sheep sure seem to be the running gag of this tour!
At some point of the concert, somebody at the front held up a big white
paper. Chris read out loud what it said "Could you please play Love Is
My Decision?" He looked puzzled .. "oh, that's the one from the movie,
hmmmm, I don't think I remember this one." And then he tried, but only
really got the melody and some words.. but he promised to fulfil this
request at a future concert.
During the solo part he also played "A Spaceman Came Travelling" which
was the only extra song to Oberhausen. He also sang "Tender Hands", but
this time with a working guitar in his hands.
The song that stood out for me was again "Quiet Revolution". The way he
reintroduces the band with it is just fantastic. He starts singing this
all on his own, after the solo part, then during the song more and more
band members join him, until it is the full band on stage again. This
song is so powerful!!!
Another concert favourite is "I Want It (And I Want It Now)". It really
gets the crowd going, fantastic!!! (Yes, you were absolutely right,
During the "lalala" part of "Where Peaceful Waters Flow" he made us
laugh when he sang "I wish you all a merry Christmas - and a happy new
year - the biggest party of the century - on December 31st - and the
biggest hangover of the century - on January 1st." He also said
something about being on a beach for New Year's Eve. Sounded like he is
looking forward to the holidays - well, he's still got 10 more days to
tour in Germany !!!!!!
What I remember most from last night was how amazed Chris was about the
power of the Dortmund audience. Many times he just stood on stage in
disbelief of what was going on. He had been dreaming of the magic, but
he just couldn't believe that it had really happened. He was walking
over to his band members, as if to tell them "See? I told you this is
going to be great! Look at this!" And the band was really high on
emotion too. For the first time ever I have seen Alan Vosper (the other
guitarist) interact with the audience. Usually he is the quietest of all
band members, but this time he seemed to really love to get going!

written by: Astrid Nolde - Gallasch