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Chris de Burghīs  Vinyl and CD Discography
                                                            Vinyl Singles

Catalogue                             Title                                    Release Date                          Country

A&M 16000 AT     Hold On/ Lonesome Cowboy                              1974                             D
A&M AMS 7148    Hold On/ Sin City                             February 1975                             UK
A&M 13870 AT     Hold On/ Sin City                                            1975                             NL
A&M 625.032       Hold On/ Watching The World                                                              F
A&M AMS 7185    Flying/ Watching The World                     July 1975                             UK
A&M S7AM-5144  Flying/ Sin City                                               1975                             BRA
A&M 1705             Hold On/ Hold On                                            1975                             USA
A&M AM 553        Spanish Train/
                            A Spaceman Came Travelling                              1975                             CAN
A&M 1841              Lonely Sky/ Lonely Sky                                    1975                             USA
A&M K-6219         Lonely Sky/ This Song For You                         1975                             AUS
A&M AMS 7196    Lonely Sky/ This Song For You            January 1976                             UK
A&M AMS 7224   Patricia The Stripper/ Old Friend            April 1976                             UK
A&M AMS 7267   A Spaceman Came Travelling/
                            Just Another Poor Boy                      November 1976                              UK
A&M AMS 5617   A Spaceman Came Travelling/
                            Just Another Poor Boy                                      1977                             NL
A&M AMS 7305   Summer Rain/A Rainy Night In Paris      August 1977                             UK
A&M AMS 7320   Broken Wings/ I Will                         October 1977                             UK
A&M AMS 7336   Discovery/ Round And Around             January 1978                             UK
A&M AMS 7347   Spanish Train/ Perfect Day                   March 1978                             UK
A&M AMS 7416    I Had The Love In My Eyes/
                            Just In Time                                     February 1979                             UK
A&M 2143            The Girl With April In Her Eyes/                                                        USA
                            Carry On
A&M AMS 7430   The Devil's Eye/
                            It's Such A Long Way Home                   March 1979                             UK
A&M AMS 7546   Shadows & Lights/ Wall of Silence             July 1980                            UK
A&M CdeB 1          Sailor/ Lonely Sky (ltd. Edition)                                                          UK
A&M AMS 7562   The Traveller/ Eastern Wind               October 1980                             UK
A&M AMS 9192    The Traveller/                                                 1982                             D
                            The Record Company Bash
A&M AMS 9198    The Traveller/                                                 1982                             NL
                            Waiting For The Hurricane
A&M AMS 9144    Every Drop Of Rain/ Flying Home                                                         D
A&M AMS 8160    Waiting For The Hurricane/
                             Broken Wings                                         August 1980                           UK

A&M AMS 8182    A Spaceman Came Travelling/              November 1981                           UK
                             Patricia The Stripper   
A&M AMS 8256    Don't Pay The Ferryman/
                             All The Love I Have Inside                September 1982                           UK
A&M AMS 8268    The Getaway/Living On The Island      November 1982                           UK
A&M AMS 8309    Ship To Shore/Crying And Laughing     February 1983                           UK
A&M AM 190         High On Emotion/
                             Much More Than This, 12 "                        April 1984                           UK
A&M AM 202        I Love The Night/
                            Moonlight And Vodka                                   July 1984                           UK
A&M AMX 202     I Love The Night/ Moonlight And     
                            A Spaceman Came Travelling/
                            Borderline                                           December 1984                           UK
A&M AM 237       Sight And Touch/Taking It To The Top February 1985                           UK
A&M AM 317        Fire On The Water/ The Vision                  March 1986                          UK
A&M AMY 317      Fire On The Water/ The Vision/
                            The Leader/ What About Me, 12"               March 1986                          UK
A&M AM 331        The Lady In Red/
                            Say Goodbye To It All/                                June 1986                          UK
A&M AMY 331     The Lady In Red/ Say Goodbye To
                            It All/ Don't Pay The Ferryman, 12"              June 1986                         UK
A&M AM 346       Fatal Hesitation/The Ecstasy Of Flight September 1986                          UK
A&M AM 365       A Spaceman Came Travelling/
                            The Ballroom Of Romance, 12"                November 1986                         UK
A&M AM 427       The Simple Truth/ The Spirit Of Man     December 1987                         UK

                                                                  CD Singles

A&M AMCD 915    Compact Hits: Chris de Burgh                      August 1988                         UK
                            Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)/
                            The Lady In Red/ Don't Pay The
                            Ferryman/ High On Emotion
A&M CDEE 474    Missing You                                              October 1988                         UK
                            Missing You/ The Risen Lord/
                            The Last Time In Cried
A&M CDEE 486    Tender Hands                                         December 1988                         UK
                            Tender Hands/ A Night On The River/
                            The Simple Truth
A&M CDEE 494    Sailing Away                                           February 1989                         UK
                            Sailing Away/ The Head And The
                            Heart/ Sailing Away (extended version)
A&M AMCD 528   This Waiting Heart                               September 1989                         UK
                            This Waiting Heart/ Carry Me (Like A
                            Fire In Your Heart)/ The Spirit Of Man
A&M CDEE 537    Diamond In The Dark                             November 1989                         UK
                            Diamond In The Dark/ Last Night/
                            Transmission Ends
A&M AMCD 581    Don't Pay The Ferryman                             August 1990                         UK
                            Don't Pay The Ferryman (Live)/
                            Lonely Sky (Live)/ The Ballroom
                            Of Romance (Live)
A&M RELCD 1       The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)                 May 1991                          UK
                            (Re-issue) The Simple Truth/
                            The Spirit Of Man
A&M AMCD 836   Separate Tables                                           April 1992                         UK
                            Separate Tables/ Making The
                            Perfect Man (extended version)/
                            The Connemara Coast (instrumental)
A&M 580-593-2   Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans                                  May 1984                         D
                            Blonde Hair, Blue Jeans/ You Are
                            The Reason/ Strangers On A Train
A&M 580-683-2   This Silent World                                          July 1994                         D
                            This Silent World/ Oh My Brave
                            Hearts/ When I See You Tonight
A&M 580-813-2   Here Is Your Paradise                           September 1994                         D
                            Here Is Your Paradise/ The Snows
                            Of New York/ Shine On
A&M 581-279-2   I'm Not Crying Over You                                        1996                          D
                            I'm Not Crying Over You/
                    The Lady In Red/Shine On
A&M 581-289-2   The Snows Of New York                                          1996                         D
                    The Snows Of New York/Girl/Missing You
A&M 581-459-2   Always On My Mind                                                 1996                         D
                    Always On My Mind/One More Mile
                    To Go/The Lady In Red
A&M 582-001-2   Riding On A Rainbow                                October 1996                          D
                            Riding On A Rainbow/ That's
                            What Friends Are For/ Missing You
                            (Specially Recorded Version)
A&M 582-393-2   Forevermore                                                         1997                         D
                            Forevermore/ Here Is Your Paradise/
                            Much More Than This
A&M 582-387-2   So Beautiful                                                         1997                         UK
                            So Beautiful/ Suddenly Love/
                            Fatal Hesitation
A&M 582-447-2   In A Country Churchyard                                      1997                         D                              In A Country Churchyard/ Borderline/                                                                    Missing You
A&M 497-149-2   When I Think Of You                                      Sep   1999                          D
                            When I Think Of You/I See You Everywhere
                                                      Living In The World      
A&M 497-193-2   A Woman's Heart                                            Nov 1999                         UK                               A Woman's Heart/You Look Beautiful/
                                             The Rivers of Abraham


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