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I Will
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
       Em            C                         G          D          Em
IŽm going to an Island where the sun will always shine,
                  Am                  C                  Em
Where the moon is always riding on the sea;
                             C                            G              D            Em
And when I go IŽll leave behind these chains that hold me down,
       Am                      C                 Em
The time has come to set my spirit free,
      D - C - Em, D - C - Em, D - C - B7 - Em
Ah Ah....                                                   I will
And there beside a mountain stream, IŽll build a house of stone,
And work the wood of cedar, pine and fir,
And then IŽll make a garden and IŽll plant a field of corn,
Press my hands deep into Mother Earth,
Ah,Ah... I will
         Em           C               G                                      B7
Yes I will, oh I will, just to be a part of Nature once again,
              C                                       B7
I want to be a part of Nature once again,
And I will...
And then IŽll teach my children love like every father should,
For we are part of every living thing,
And speak of half-forgotten words like Peace and Joy and Good
For the world can only live when love can sing,
Ah, Ah.... I will,
Oh yes I will, I will, and they will be a part of nature once again,
Oh they will feel a part of Nature once again (the time is now),
Just to be a part of nature once again,
          Em-C-G-Em Am               C Em
And I will,      ah ah,       someday I will, (someday I will).....

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