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The Last Moments Of The Dawn
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh  
          Dm                          Am - Dm
In the last moments of the dawn,
                 Gm                              F               C/Bb
Before the day begins, before we say goodnight,
  Am       Dm   Am      Dm
Hold me now, kiss me now,
       Gm                                    Am
My hands are shaking, and my heart is aching,
             Bb                                     C
At the thought of making love with you,
     Dm  Am                   Am       Dm         Gm
Tonight, I would never dream that I would fall in love,
                     F           C
And it would be with you,
          Am7   Dm       Am        Dm
We're out at sea, just you and me,
               Gm                                Am7
Now the wind is blowing, and my passion is growing,
                Bb                                  C          F - Am7 - Bb - C - F - Am7 - Bb - C
And your eyes are glowing with the light of love;

   There is no explanation why it should be this way,
        F                              C        A7
For you and me, must be destiny,
Bb                                    G7/B                                  C - Bb - Am
   And from a new horizon, you came right out of the blue;

              Dm  Am                       Dm
With the last moments of the dawn,
                    Gm                  C            F - C - Dm - Am - Dm - Gm - F - C 
Could be the first day of my life with you;

  Am7     Dm   Am         Dm                  Gm     
Hold me now, kiss me again, 'cause my hands are shaking,
and my heart is aching,
             Bb                                    C
As the dream of making love with you
              F - Am7 - Bb - C
Comes true...........
          F   Am7       Bb         C          F   Am7       Bb       C   - F      
In the last moments of the dawn, the last moments of the dawn....

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