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Words & Music by Chris de Burgh


Dm                                                  Bb
Underneath a silver moon, the ship is like a ghost,
C                                    A                          Dm
Shes been out there for a week, just waiting for the wind to blow,
Dm                                                                        Bb
But now shes off and running, and theres nothing I can do,
C                          Bb                         A
`Cos I am just a prisoner here until this war is through,
And Im singing,
Dm                      Am
Sailor, can you hear me,
Bb                          Dm
Sailor, hear my call,
Dm                      Am
Sailor, take me with you,
Bb                          Dm
Sailor, take me home...
Yesterday I saw a seabird wheeling light and low,
Then she sailed off to the west,
Like she was telling me the way to go,
If I has her wings my love Id me with you tonight,
But my last hope has gone, its drifting out of sight,
Wait for me,
Dm                          Am
Oh sailor, take me to her,
Bb                          Dm
Sailor, take me home...
Dm                        Fmaj7
To feel the wind, to see the sky,
Bb                                  A                                    Dm
To hear the waves breaking on the shore again,
To be with you, to lie with you,
Bb                                  A                                       Dm
To hear your voice echo through the hills again,
                            Am                       A
Oh my darling wait for me, cos I will be there,
When it is over, when it is over,
        Bb                             A
Yes I will return one day,
Sailor, take me to her,
Oh sailor take me home,
Sailor can you hear me,
Sailor, hear my call,
Sailor, sailor....


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