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She Means Everything To Me
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
Intro: G - D/F# - Em - Em/D - C - D7 - G - D/F# - Em - Em/D - C - D - B7
When the night comes she'll be here,
C       D                Em
Lying down in my bed,
I have woken way before the dawn,
        C        D                  Esus4
With all the things that she said;
C                         G
On and on I hear gondoliers,
Am7               G
Passing in the dark,
C                 G                     D - C - D - C - D
It's another moment for the heart,
                                        G - D/F# - Em - Em/D          C
'Cause she means everything_________________ to me,
D7                        G - D/F# - Em - Em/d         C
She means everything________________ to me,
     D              B       Em add 9 - Em
I know that I love her;
When the day comes she'll be gone,
From the one who will not see,
He doesn't love her, he doesn't love her any more,
But he will not set her free;
So on and on we've been like aeroplanes,
Passing in the night,
But there's no more hiding it this time,
That she means everything to me,
She means everything to me,
I know that I need her;
           Em      Em/D#            Em    Em/D#
There comes a time when we must be,
With those we love,
                        C - G/D - Am7   D  G - Gsus4 - G
And she means everything _____to me,
She means everything to me,
D7                        G
She means everything to me,
         D/F#     Em         Em/D     C
She is the ___one who gives me life,
         D/F#     Em         Em/D     C
She will be__ here with me tonight...

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