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It started at 805 with Chris in a black shirt and black pants black shoes!
I wrote everything down so I wouldn't miss any songs. Thanks for Vicky who
helped me remembering the order specially after we went up front dancing.
Quand je pense a toi
Oh yeah I forgot 5 minutes before the show begins Vicky told me to look at my
right in the red seat, she said he isn't that Joe??? we got up and went there
and yes it was him with a backstage pass !!!! we talk for few minutes they
flew from Texas this morning arrived in their hotel at 5pm and were tired but
happy to be there. I asked if it was possible that he would meet backstage
with Chris but he reply no saying that he will see him only before the Ottawa
show the next day
o((( I was disappointed....but 20 minutes before the end I have been told
they got up and disappear! and we waited for them at the Ovation and
they never show up! so I guess they decided to go backstage anyway! (I would
have done same thing if only I had the right pass...)
back to the songs
Living in the world
Love of the heart divine
Sailing away
Love's got a hold on me
Oh my brave heart
Same sun
St-Peter's Gate
A woman's heart
He talk about his time and good groups like the Eagles, Beatles than sang a
bit of
Here comes the sun
Hotel California
Then he said he's at a nice place
Hotel Center Ville room 2023.......hey Chris I believe you because you were
not anywhere else!!!!!
Then he said he and the band will go to The Globe a bar (then he said it was
a women's place only!!! no guys allowed) and that last time he was in
Montreal it costed him a fortune so he 's not shopping there anymore (he
bought an Helicopter! talking about a fortune)
Missing you
Lady in red
The revolution
My lover is
Then Chris disappear for few minutes while the band played he reappear with a
Montreal Canadian shirt with de Burgh 1 written on his back....told a few jokes
Snows of N.Y.
Chris alone at the guitar or piano while the band take a break (well Chris
told us they had to take a nap! grin)
Lonely sky
Carry me
Borderline at the piano
Here's your paradise piano also
then he told us that he had meet some fans backstage and one gave him a
letter and he read it. It was a nice story and he wanted to share it with
us. Then he said the story was from Jocely (then we heard Jocelyn , she
recognize herself)
Jocelyn had an old horse that begin to be blind but she didn't want to put
him asleep so she helped took him to walk everyday and then the horse got
more confident so she can start riding it again and she was sighing him Cdeb
songs (of course she was said Chris!) and Chris thought that was a wonderful
story . He sang for Jocelyne and her future husband Here's your paradise.
Spanish Train on the guitar
Spaceman came travailing on guitar also
then the band came back
Natasha's dance (that's fun cause she's playing right now!!!! on my Cd
rom......he eh he what a coincidence...LOL)
The he said come on down up front so we got up and went in front of the stage
I could see him very clearly......(he's in good shape dancing and bouncing on
the stage and nice guys in the band too........and Jeri he as nice design
lips not thick not thin just perfect! ha ha! told you I would tell you!!!!!)
Everybody in the Center was up and dancing and clapping their hands
Nothing ever happens round here
I want it now
Blond hair blue jeans
Don't pay the Ferryman
Then went away first standing ovation
they went back with
Honky tonk woman
Say goodbye to it all
they went away but not for long
second ovation, he went back with
High on emotion
then we forgot
third ovation
he came back alone with
WEll I shouted my brains out at that point and ask for Patricia and he heard
me because that was it!
Patricia the stripper
Where peaceful waters flow
Hey Jude with all of us
then he babble singing all sorts of thing like
I don't want to go but it's time to go
I love you etc..........singing that all the time
then he go and we all went home
show finish at 1120
Hope you enjoy reading it I sure did enjoy writing it, reliving (is that a
word???) the show! sorry about the mistakes in the last part but we were too
high on emotion and I am sure we miss one or 2 songs.
That's it
Josee who's still recovering from the show