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The Tower
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
      D                                                  Dmaj7
A great lord came walking through the forest one morning
              G                  D
With a weapon in his hand
Rich was his castle, he lacked for nothing
G                      A
Killing was his plan
             Bm                             F#m
When a white bird flew by, she fell from the sky
   G                 D                Em                 A                       D - G - A
Nothing was found, only blood on the ground, she was gone
D                                 Dmaj7
Cursing his fortune, he turned to the forest
      G               D
To kill once again
Standing before him was a lovely young woman
                G                 A
With her hand hung in pain
               Bm                              F#m
When he saw her, his eyes were filled with desire
       G                D            Em                 A
He said "I must have her, she must be mine,
                    D - G - A
She will be mine..."
      D                              Dmaj7
He offered her silver, he offered her gold
               G                     D
But she threw it on the ground
He fell to his knees and he begged her, "Oh please
               G                                          A
Come with me, what you wish will be found"
       Bm                                 F#m
She said, "Sir, I'll go if you'll put up your bow
   G                 D           Em                  A
Spare these creatures, leave them in peace
You have no need;
              Em              A              D
But her words were lost in the wind
       G              D                 A
His eyes were fixed on a queen
       Bm                       F#m         Em        A                D
And all he saw was a woman but all she was, was a dream
Bm - F#m - G - Bm - F#m - Em - A
Bm                       F#m           Em        A                  D – G - A
All he saw was a woman and all she was, was a dream
He took her and bound her
With ropes tied around her
To his castle he did ride;
In the wood was a bower
Where stood an old tower
And he threw her deep inside;
And the birds left the sky and a terrible cry
Brought thunder and lightning, rain falling down
Tears on the ground;
All through the days on her face he would gaze
For she was lovely as the spring,
No words would she speak but leave them in peace
And some sad lament she would sing,
One day by the door, through the window he saw
A single white feather lying on the floor
She was there no more;
Now that great lord is dying,
His cold heart is crying
For the love of a girl;
For many an hour he has wept on the tower
For she meant more than the world,
One day in the sky a white bird flew by
He lifted his hands, he cried out in pain
Come back again;
But his words were lost in the wind
His castle was built upon sand
All he saw was her memory
And all he yearned was her hand,
Da aa
All she was, was a memory
And all he yearned was her hand.

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