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The Vision
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
Dm           C                     Dm
      And I saw a burning chariot,
             B                            Am 
And the four horsemen of the apocalypse
Waiting on high,
 F       C                         F
And I heard the thunder rolling in,
           Am                                                              Bb - Eb - Dm 
And beheld our leader on a pale horse riding in the sky;

And I saw this land a battlefield,
With a hundred thousand men,
Fighting hand to hand,
And I heard the sounds of victory,
And the rivers ran red with the blood of our enemies,

       C           F                Bb/F 
And I, I saw fire from the sky,
          F                    Bb/F       F    C
I saw fire, and I saw paradise, paradise,
 F                Bb/F          F
Fire from the sun, I saw fire,
                  Bb          A - A/G - A/F 
And I saw Alpha and Omega;

Fire, I saw fire,
And I saw paradise,
Fire, I saw fire;
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