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What About Me?
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
Intro: Dm - Am/C - G 
F     Am          C/G    G                  Am
I am left in the night, trembling with fear,
          Dm            Am/C              G         F
I have seen to the future, and the future is here,
       Am            G     C                     G            Am
Our leader will bring victory, but our land is in flames,
                 Dm                 Am/C        Bb                    E
And as the final sounds of battle disappear, I had to say:

                    F          G                          Am        G - Am
What about me, and you, and the ones that we love,
  G               F          G                          Am  
What about me, and you, and the ones that we love, 
          G            Am - G - F - G - Am - G - Am - G
Well what about us?

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