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The Leader
Words & Music by Chris de Burgh
   Dm                                   Bb
I looked to the North, and I turned to the West,
          Am                      Bb9
For a sign, a light in the sky,
            C9                                 Dm  Am7/C   Bb9
Oh the message is clear, that the time___is___ near,
          Dm         Am/C    Bb9
For a leader to come again;

     Dm           Am/C       Bb
A circle of stones on the head of a hill,
     Am     F/A  Am/E   Am/C  Bb9
Tonight is where it____ will__ be,
           C9                            Dm  Am/C  Bb
In this desolate place, we all stand and wait,
          Dm        Am/C    B          Dm          Am/C     Bb
For a leader to come again, yes a leader will come again,

      C      Dm - Em/D             Dm    C          Dm
For it is written,_____ that a leader will be here,
        C           Dm - Em/D               Bb/D    
And then a vision,_______ left me blinded by the light,
            C                                     Dm
And it started right in front of my eyes...
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